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Network Rules:


Rule 1)

Harassment & bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Respect others for who they are!

  • No racist, anti-Semitic, sexist remarks, phrases, or words
  • No bullying of other players. (ex. constantly killing them after they've asked you to stop)


Rule 2)

Hacking and exploits are not allowed and will result in a permanent ban. - Any client or feature of the game that you exploit to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed on ForgeMC.

  • The ONLY EXCEPTION for exploits is if the staff say it is OKAY to use


Rule 3) 

No inappropriate builds in general. 

  • Vulgar builds,  including Anti-Semitic builds, sex-related builds or symbols, derogatory, and slang builds
  • Inappropriate signs are also not allowed


Rule 4)

Keep arguments to a minimum in general, if you want to debate, do it respectfully.

  • Do not discuss real-world topics such as politics, this only leads to heated arguments!


Rule 5) 

Be Kind and Mature, we do not have any rules on cursing or swearing but extreme profanity is not allowed!


Rule 6)

No advertising of anything outside of the community. Links to videos and such online or memes are allowed.

  • Do not advertise other servers or communities without staff’s consent


Rule 7) 

Listen to all staff. This includes no ban/mute evasion as well. However, this does not mean that punishments are indisputable! If someone has an issue, they may contact a staff member and respectfully try to sort it out.


Rule 8)

No using the /nickname feature inappropriately, such as by impersonating a staff member or deceiving others into believing you are someone you’re not.

  • No obscene nicknames

Survival Specific rules:

Rule 9a) 

STEALING AND GRIEFING from players is BANNABLE! We run on a trust system, if you threaten this system, You will be removed!

  • Any way a build is damaged or compromised by another player, this is considered griefing and is not allowed!
  • Do not steal items from shops without paying!
  • Don't use items from a shop without paying and put it back after use (Tools, Armor, Elytra)
  • Ask your friend before you take an item from them


Rule 9b) 

Respect public farms, fix them if you break it, and don't hog it.


Rule 9c) 

No lag machines or any other build designed to hurt the server or other players' experience.


Rule 9d) 

Obey shop laws if you are a shop owner.

  • Elevators are not allowed to be sold
  • You may not sell items for a lower amount if there is a minimum
  • You must pay your monthly shop taxes or you will be foreclosed upon.
  • Do not take an item and pay for it later, pay on the spot when you buy. Just like real life.
  • Inactive shops are demolished if you are not on within a months time or the shop has not been restocked in 3-4 weeks

Faction Specific rules:


Rule 10a)

Only one corner per faction.


Rule 10b)

When using the autocannons feature, respect the 4-second auto limit. 


Rule 10c)

Only one alt account per player on the server.

  • Alts MUST be marked in factions


Rule 10d)

When building a base with your faction, do not put water around spawners because it makes them unaidable.  


about 1 month ago

Although you were a strong canidate for staff, this is not what we are looking for at the moment. We are going to reject your application at this time. You may reapply in a few weeks.


Best wishes,

ForgeMC Staff Team

about 1 month ago

Due to your previous player history and your ban, we are forced to reject your application. You may reapply in a few weeks.


Best wishes,

ForgeMC Staff Team


ForgeMC is a very diverse server with lots of moving parts in our community. We are always looking for members to help us with the community! Here you will find all the information you need to open your staff application. Please follow these steps exactly or else your application will be denied due to not following the rules.

How to create an application

  • First, Make sure you are logged into an account on the ForgeMC website. If you are not, YOU WILL NOT SEE THE OPTION to create a new thread.
  • Secondly, Once signed in proceed to the staff application category. Click the new thread button. Once in your new thread title it whatever you want but make sure you include your Minecraft IGN in the title.
  • Third, follow the application format listed below.

What to put inside your application

Please copy the following format EXACTLY or your application won't be read. This will result in an instant Denial! You may add questions to your application as long as you have answered all the questions in the format below.

  • What is your Minecraft IGN?
  • What is your Discord IGN?
  • How old are you?
  • How long would you say you have been apart of the community?
  • What role are you applying for? (Admin / Moderator)
  • Why are you applying for staff?
  • What past leadership experience do you have / Have you ever staffed on an MC server before? If yes, name it/them and the assigned role/s.?
  • What sets you apart from other applicants?
  • What can you bring to the server or staff team that is unique?
  • How knowledgeable are you with Litebans, Coreprotect, and Essentials?
  • How well do you know our core addons? (Factions, McMMO, Griefprevention?)
  • How well do you know the detailed factions mechanics (Cannoning, Common glitches, and misused bugs, version dependent mechanisms)?
  • Have you ever played all offered gamemodes enough to be helping out regular players on a staff knowledge basis?


  • (survival) A player uses core-protect inspect and finds out his friend stole from him, they get in a dispute. How do you handle the situation?
  • (Factions) Player X asks Player Y to teleport to him for a trade.  Player X kills Player Y.  Does either of them get banned?
  • (Factions) A player claims that his faction has been raided outside of provided mechanics and allowed ways to do so. No one witnessed, but no visual marks and spots of the raid are found. What do you do?
  • (Network) You get direct messaged on discord from a player. They claim one of the players on the server has been bribing them for inappropriate photos of themselves. The player also claims they have threatened them for the photos. How do you handle the situation?


  • Anything else you want to add. Feel free to add more questions or tell us anything else that was not listed above.```

Good luck, just be aware that it may take a week at least for us to decide on your application. Please notify Beef when you have completed an application.


Rosemary Krout

Team Leader


Miller Edwins

Team Leader


Cahra Smiz



Burgess Attwool



Allx Life



Marti Sorbey


Date Item Sales Count Earnings
monday, 12 3 $400
tuesday, 13 2 $400
wednesday, 14 3 $420
thursday, 15 5 $500
friday, 15 3 $400
saturday, 16 3 $400
sunday, 17 3 $400
monday, 18 3 $500
tuesday, 19 3 $400
28 $3720