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Waypoints (Purposed s2 idea)

Product Overview

Waypoints will act as a replacement for SetHomes and homes, these will be crafted into an item and then placed on the floor to create a waypoint object. Once the waypoints are placed anyone can right-click one to teleport to an existing waypoint using XP or other forms of Stuff like Diamonds based on the distance EG (500 Blocks = 500 XP)


With places like spawn being cheaper or free 



Well, the main reason for this would be so users can't use /home quickly or anywhere. They would have to find a  waypoint to go to their desired  location


How to Use?

To use the waypoint the player would right-click the waypoint that will OPEN  a GUI with a list of other waypoints in the world, The OWNER of the waypoint could also set it so they can only teleport to it for private locations it would also show a safe or Dangerous label based on some factions like what is around the player at the time and will try and teleport them to the safest location around.




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Every Single crafting recipe will produce a different style of ‘WAYPOINT’ 


Waypoint Objects

These waypoints may look like this



Design is subject to change.

No one would be able to mine or get these blocks only the owner of the waypoint can remove it by using a stack on one of the waypoints block giving them the crafting recipes materials back or none (STILL NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED)




The waypoints would remove the use of /homes and lazy teleporting making a give and take kinda system meaning you would have to GIVE something (XP) or (Diamonds) while getting a teleport and an Economy Sink.

Please vote under #news (on discord) if you would like this idea




This document contains all of the history and events of ForgeMC up to this day of publishing. We have come a long way from where we first started but it's always fun to look back on our mistakes and hiccups to laugh a little. 


  1. Server founded: Nov 24th, 2019
  2. Beef cannot make up his mind
  3. Puff is an attention whore ~jonnydabud
  4. Pnky is a terrible shot
  5. Almond cannot spell for his life
  6. Izzy is the rightful owner
  7. Spawn was built by hand 
  8. It’s a Canadian server but has mostly American players 
  9. Beef was the first player to cuss on our server, so disgraceful
  10. 1.16 is never gonna come - fr fr
  11. On 6/5/2020 we found out that Beef like Tik Tok girls  - FAKE NEWS ~Beef
  12. Beef is a meanie -FAX ~A imposter No this is Almond 
  13. BREAKING NEWS: Izzy likes eboys with blue hair - FAKE NEWS
  14. No Fighting ~Izzy
  15. Beef can’t spell, he has a medical condition. (Frack = Fake) 
  16. I once invited a friend who instantly started XRAYING ~ Beef 
  17. Who is the mythical yummiestagg who lurks in the shadows as the 3rd owner?
  18. Tmore should have been the owner tbh
  19. Pnky strikes fierce punishments into the hearts of rulebreakers
  20. Izzy was once owner for a full day because beef lost a bet which he is still mad about.
  21.  If you're Canadian then you say “Don't ye know eyy?”  … ~Scientifically proven by B
  22. We shall never speak of the one and only PVP tournament that no one showed up to
  23. Once upon a time players claimed land with hoes
  24. Beef=Gross
  25. Puff Broke it ~Community




The server started on November 24th, 2019. At this time the server was named BeefMC and it really was not planned to grow as big as it did. The server was originally intended for a close group of beef’s friends. Soon those friends started inviting their friends and we moved to a whitelisted SMP community. By the start of April, our community had over 150+ members and was rapidly growing. Our server could no longer maintain our whitelisted status. One of Beef’s friends named MLG was the owner of a faction server, VolgusMC. They proposed they come together and form a network creating an even larger community. The two owners thought a fitting name for this joining of two communities would be ForgeMC since, from the merge, we forged into one community stronger and better. 


As of June 5th, 2020, our servers have been fully integrated into one network for quite a while now. Our plans for this amazing community are just getting started.


Rosemary Krout

Team Leader


Miller Edwins

Team Leader


Cahra Smiz



Burgess Attwool



Allx Life



Marti Sorbey


Date Item Sales Count Earnings
monday, 12 3 $400
tuesday, 13 2 $400
wednesday, 14 3 $420
thursday, 15 5 $500
friday, 15 3 $400
saturday, 16 3 $400
sunday, 17 3 $400
monday, 18 3 $500
tuesday, 19 3 $400
28 $3720